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Ancient Near East

Title Author Publisher Publication Date Resource Type Acquisition Date Subjects LC Classification
Now behold my spacious kingdom : studies presented to Zoltán Imre Fábián on the occasion of his 63rd birthday / L'Harmattan Kiadó 2017. Book - Physical
Egyptian archaeology and the twenty-first century museum / Stevenson, Alice, author. Cambridge University Press 2022. Book - Physical
Sinai : Egypt's linchpin, Gaza's lifeline, Israel's nightmare / Sabry, Mohannad, author. The American University in Cairo Press 2015. Book - Electronic
The Oxford history of the Ancient Near East. Oxford University Press 2022. Book - Electronic
The Oxford history of the ancient Near East. Oxford University Press [2022] Book - Electronic
Shōu nikki. Nishino, Nobuaki, -1883, author. Yumani Shobō 2022. Book - Physical
Shōu nikki. Nishino, Nobuaki, -1883, author. Yumani Shobō 2022. Book - Physical
Shōu nikki. Nishino, Nobuaki, -1883, author. Yumani Shobō 2022. Book - Physical
Shōu nikki. Nishino, Nobuaki, -1883, author. Yumani Shobō 2022. Book - Physical
Shōu nikki. Nishino, Nobuaki, -1883, author. Yumani Shobō 2022. Book - Physical
Shōu nikki. Nishino, Nobuaki, -1883, author. Yumani Shobō 2022. Book - Physical
Shōu nikko. Nishino, Nobuaki, -1883, author. Yumani Shobō 2022. Book - Physical
A grammar of Ugaritic / Screnock, John, author. SBL Press [2022] Book - Physical
Identities, nationalism, and the state : the politics of ethnicity and minority regimes in the Middle East / Hassan, Miaad, author. Lexington Books [2023] Book - Physical
Modernity's corruption : empire and morality in the making of British India / Wilson, Nicholas Hoover, author. Columbia University Press 2023. Book - Electronic
Economic Diversity in Contemporary Timor-Leste / Leiden University Press 2023. Book - Electronic
The Indonesia National Survey Project 2022 : Engaging with Developments in the Political, Economic and Social Spheres. Muhtadi, Burhanuddin. ISEAS - Yusof Ishak Institute 2023. Book - Electronic
Youth in Egypt : identity, participation, and opportunity / Sika, Nadine, author. New York University Press 2023. Book - Electronic
The Egyptian revolution of 1919 : legacies and consequences of the fight for independence / IB Tauris 2022. Book - Physical
Leḥash la-ruaḥ ha-noshevet. Karmel 2022. Book - Physical
Reframing Africa? : reflections on modernity and the moving image / African Minds Publishers 2023. Book - Physical
Ripple in still water when there is no pebble tossed : festschrift in honour of Cary J. Martin / Golden House Publications 2022. Book - Physical
Golden mummies of Egypt : interpreting identities from the Graeco-Roman period / Price, Campbell, author. Manchester University Press 2023. Book - Physical
Ancient Egyptian and Afroasiatic : rethinking the origins / Rethinking the Origins: The Departure of Ancient Egyptian as a Branch from the Afroasiatic Family? (Workshop) Providence, R.I.), (2018 : author. Eisenbrauns [2023] Book - Physical
Archaeology of Anatolia : recent discoveries / Cambridge Scholars Publishing <2015-2021> Book - Physical
Displays of cultural hegemony and counter-hegemony in the late Bronze and Iron age Levant : the public presence of foreign powers and local resistance / Thompson, Shane M., author. Routledge 2023. Book - Physical
A lost peace : great power politics and the Arab-Israeli dispute, 1967-1979 / Jackson, Galen, 1987- author. Cornell University Press [2023] Book - Electronic
L'Egitto in età ramesside : atti del convegno, Chianciano Terme, 17-18 dicembre 2009 / Silvana ©2011. Book - Physical
A new workbook of cuneiform signs / Snell, Daniel C., author. Eisenbrauns [2022] Book - Physical
The king as a nodal point of Neo-Assyrian identity / Zaphon 2022. Book - Physical
Affronter le mal en Babylonie : théodicées akkadiennes / Les Éditions du Cerf [2023] Book - Physical
Judaeans by the waters of Babylon : new historical evidence in cuneiform sources from rural Babylonia primarily from the Schøyen Collection / Wunsch, Cornelia, author. ISLET 2022. Book - Physical
It's not your fault : five new plays on sexual harassment in Egypt / Campana, Jillian, author. The American University in Cairo Press [2023] Book - Electronic
Ancient weights and measures / Petrie, W. M. Flinders 1853-1942, author. (William Matthew Flinders), Oxbow Books 2023. Book - Physical
Bestattungsbräuche, Totenkult und Jenseitsvorstellungen im Alten Ägypten / EB-Verlag [2015] Book - Physical
Estudios sobre orientalística y egiptología : nuevas aportaciones de la investigación española / Universidade da Coruña; Editorial Universidad de Sevilla 2021. Book - Physical
Onafhankelijkheid, Dekolonisatie, Geweld en Oorlog in Indonesië 1945-1950. Revolutionary Worlds : Local Perspectives and Dynamics during the Indonesian Independence War, 1945-1949 / Amsterdam University Press [2023] Book - Electronic
Sudan on the eve of independence 1954-1956 / Faisal Abdel Rahman Ali Taha, author. Ink Press Publications [2022] Book - Physical
Der Pharao / Clauss, Manfred, 1945- Verlag W Kohlhammer [2012] Book - Physical
Canne à sucre & sarcophage : vie de Périchon-Bey (1860-1929), un ingénieur passionné d'égyptologie / Duranteau, Thomas, author. Ardents éditeurs 2022. Book - Physical
II. Amenhotep és kora : a fáráo sírjának felfedezése = Amenhotep II and his time : the discovery of the pharaoh's tomb / Szépművészeti Múzeum 2021. Book - Physical
East of the Levant : the tapestry of the Bera family and Omtis / England, Vaudine, author. Moonchild Productions Co [2022] Book - Physical
Bronze Age Egypt and globalisation / Warburton, David, author. Cambridge Scholars Publishing 2023. Book - Physical
La rhétorique des tombes monumentales tardives (XXVe-XXVIe dynasties) : une vue d'ensemble de leur architecture et de leur programme décoratif / Einaudi, Silvia, author. Éditions Mergoil 2021. Book - Physical
Trade centers and trade routes in Upper Egypt, during the Old and Middle Kingdoms / Osman Abdollah, Mohamed, author. Golden House Publications 2022. Book - Physical
The making of empire in Bronze age Anatolia : Hittite sovereign practice, resistance, and negotiation / Glatz, Claudia, author. Cambridge University Press 2020. Book - Physical
Simon Rouet : consul de France à Mossoul en 1845, pionnier méconnu de l'archéologie assyrienne : au coeur des rivalités entre la France et l'Angleterre / Lequime, Jérôme, author. Éditions Mergoil 2022. Book - Physical
Egitto nascosto : collezioni e collezionisti dai musei piemontesi / Silvana ©2009. Book - Physical
Historical Depth of the Tiberian Reading Tradition of Biblical Hebrew / Hornkohl, Aaron D., author. Open Book Publishers 2023. Book - Electronic
Transitivity and aspect in Sahidic Coptic : studies in the morphosyntax of native and Greek-origin verbs / Speransky, Nina, author. Widmaier Verlag [2022] Book - Electronic
La métallurgie en Egypte pharaonique : origines, techniques de reduction et symbolisme du fer / El Hadji Malick Dème ; préface d'Aboubacry Moussa Lam. Dème, Malick. author. Teham éditions 2021 Book - Physical
Mesopotamische Diagnostik : Untersuchungen zu Rekonstruktion, Terminologie und Systematik des babylonisch-assyrischen Diagnosehandbuches und eine Neubearbeitung der Tafeln 3-14 / Schmidtchen, Eric, author. De Gruyter 2021. Book - Physical
A companion to ancient Near Eastern languages / Wiley Blackwell John Wiley & Sons Inc 2020. Book - Physical
Deixis in Egyptian : the close, the distant, and the known / Kupreyev, Maxim N., author. Brill [2023] Book - Physical
Australasian Egyptology Conference 4 : papers from the fourth Australasian Egyptology Conference dedicated to Gillian E. Bowen / Australasian Egyptology (Conference) Monash University, Melbourne), 2016 : creator. (4th : Archaeopress Archaeology 2023. Book - Physical
A gift of geology : ancient Egyptian landscapes and monuments / Reader, Colin D., author. The American University in Cairo Press [2022] Book - Physical
The royal inscriptions of Ashurbanipal (668-631 BC), Aššur-etal-ilāni (630-627 BC), and Sîn-ŝarra-iškun (626-612 BC), kings of Assyria / Eisenbrauns [2018]- Book - Physical
Das Grab des ʻAnch-Hor : Obersthofmeister der Gottesgemahlin Nitokris / Bietak, Manfred, author. Verlag der Österreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften 1978-1982. Book - Physical
Esarhaddon, King of Assyria / Elayi, Josette, author. Lockwood Press 2023. Book - Physical
Jean Capart : de kroniekschrijver van Egypte / Bruffaerts, Jean-Michel, author. Éditions Racine 2022 Book - Physical
The store-city of Pithom and the route of the Exodus / Naville, Edouard, 1844-1926, author. Egypt Exploration Fund 1903. Book - Physical
Rescuing Autonomy from Kant : A Marxist Critique of Kant’s Ethics / Furner, James, author. Brill 2023. Book - Electronic
Youth in Egypt : Identity, Participation, and Opportunity / Sika, Nadine, author. New York University Press [2023] Book - Electronic
India's Southeast Asia policy during the Cold War : identity, inclination and pragmatism 1947-1989 / Chakraborti, Tridib, 1956- author. Routledge [2023] Book - Electronic
The Book of the Dead of Bakenwerel : (pHavana [MNBA Cuba 94-47] / pHood B) / Rodríguez López, Ivan, author. Harrassowitz Verlag 2021. Book - Physical
Éclats du crépuscule : recueil d'études sur l'Égypte tardive offert à Olivier Perdu / Peeters 2022. Book - Physical
Lettres égyptiennes / Dessoudeix, Michel, author. Actes sud 2019. Book - Physical
Fighting Japan's Cold War : Prime Minister Yasuhiro Nakasone and his times / Hattori, Ryūji, 1968- author. Routledge [2023] Book - Electronic
The Saqqara necropolis through the New Kingdom : biography of an ancient Egyptian cultural landscape / Staring, Nico, author. Brill [2023] Book - Physical
Ramesses II, Egypt's ultimate pharaoh / Brand, Peter J. 1967- author. (Peter James), Lockwood Press 2023. Book - Physical
Inscriptions from Lisht : texts from burial chambers / Allen, James P., 1945- author. The Metropolitan Museum of Art [2021] Book - Physical
Hieroglyphs : unlocking ancient Egypt / The British Museum Press 2022. Book - Physical
The iconography of family members in Egypt's elite tombs of the Old Kingdom / Wen, Jing, 1981- author. Brill [2023] Book - Physical
In the house of Heqanakht : text and context in ancient Egypt. Studies in honor of James P. Allen / Brill [2022] Book - Physical
Egypt's golden couple : when Akhenaten and Nefertiti were Gods on Earth / Darnell, John Coleman, author. St Martin's Press 2022. Book - Physical
The Levant church : chronicles of a dark awakening / Aliet, Jacob, author. Ndiko Aliet [2020] Book - Physical
Deutsche Archäologen und ägyptische Arbeiter : Historischer Kontext, personelle Bedingungen und soziale Implikationen von Ausgrabungen in Ägypten, 1898-1914. Georg, Maximilian. transcript 2023. Book - Electronic
The politics of ethnic renewal in Darjeeling : Gorkhas and the struggle for tribal recognition / Chhetri, Nilamber, author. Routledge 2023. Book - Electronic
Lebanese Historical Thought in the Eighteenth Century. Bualuan, Hayat El Eid. Taylor & Francis Group 2023. Book - Electronic
Investigación arqueológica española en Egipto / Junta de Andalucía Consejería de Cultura y Patrimonio Histórico [2021] Book - Physical
Baalbek : le grand voyage au Liban / Beaux-Arts de Paris [2022] Book - Physical
Egypte ancienne / Champollion-Figeac, M. 1778-1867, (Jacques-Joseph), Firmin-Didot Frères Fils et Cie éditeurs MDCCCLVIII [1858] Book - Physical
Arabic writing in the digital age : towards a theoretical framework / Khalil, Saussan, author. Routledge Taylor & Francis Group 2022. Book - Physical
Untersuchungen zur Schreibkultur Mesopotamiens im 1. Jahrtausend v. Chr. / Schnitzlein, Babette, author. De Gruyter [2023] Book - Physical
Speak my name : investigating Egyptian mummies / Sydney University Press [2022] Book - Physical
International law of underwater cultural heritage : understanding the challenges / Browne, Kim, author. Springer [2023] Book - Electronic
Early Egyptian miscellanies : discussions and essays on Predynastic and Early Dynastic Egypt / Golden House Publications 2022. Book - Physical
Current research in Egyptology 2021 : proceedings of the twenty-first annual symposium, University of the Aegean, 9-16 May 2021 / Archaeopress Publishing Ltd [2022] Book - Physical
Die umstrittenen Könige : Untersuchungen zur Stabilität des ptolemäischen Königtums : von der Thronbesteigung Ptolemaios' II. bis zum Tod Ptolemaios' VI. (283/82-145 v. Chr.) / Kainz, Lukas, author. Dr Kovač Verlag 2022. Book - Physical
Ägyptische Wörter und Namen in altorientalischen Sprachen / Mahlich, Elena, author. Ugarit-Verlag 2022. Book - Physical
Tutankhamun, King of Egypt : his life and afterlife / Dodson, Aidan, 1962- author. The American University in Cairo Press 2022. Book - Physical
The treasures of Tutankhamun / Thames and Hudson 2021. Book - Physical
Lyon et la naissance de l'égyptologie : François Artaud, Jean-François Champollion / Musée des beaux-arts de Lyon; Snoeck 2022. Book - Physical
Gara : a forgotten oasis in Egypt's western desert / Kenawi, Mohamed, author. Manar al-Athar [2022] Book - Physical
Champollion : le dernier voyage / Le Tourneur d'Ison, Claudine, author. Les éditions du Cerf [2022] Book - Physical
Tutankhamun's trumpet : ancient Egypt in 100 objects from the boy king's tomb / Wilkinson, Toby, 1969- author. WW Norton & Company 2023. Book - Physical
Pharaohs of the sun : the rise and fall of Tutankhamun's dynasty / De la Bédoyère, Guy, author. Pegasus Books 2023 Book - Physical
One who loves knowledge : studies in honor of Richard Jasnow / Lockwood Press 2022. Book - Physical
Matériaux pour l’étude de la toponymie et de la topographie II (MTT II/1 II/2 & II/3) : 1: Les Toponymes paléo-babyloniens des régions à l’est du Tigre. 2: Toponyme der mittelassyrischen Texte : Osten und Peripherie des mittelassyrischen Reiches. 3: The Archaeology of the Eastern Tigris Region in the Second Millennium BCE: Sites and Maps. Société pour l’étude du Proche-Orient ancien (SEPOA) - NABU 2022. Book - Physical
Landscape archaeology in the near east : approaches, methods and case studies / Archaeopress Publishing 2023. Book - Physical